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Published on 13-12-2017

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Published on 07-12-2017

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Urgent Information
Published on 03-12-2017

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Earning Opportunity
Published on 30-10-2017

Dear earn4post members,

We hereby encourage all our members to get advertisements from the general public (schools, churches, mosques, government agencies, corporate organisations, family members, neighbours and individuals) at your own rate. Then, buy advertisement package at our rate. You can make real money doing this. Adverts can be in form of;

  • Business Websites

  • Events and Ceremonies

  • Election Campaigns

  • Job Vacancies/Interviews

  • Conferences, Crusades and Programs

  • Academic Institutions/Programmes

  • Public Announcements/Invitations

  • Referral Links/MLM networks/Teams

We wish you great fortune!

Earn4post Team

Launching! Launching!! Launching!!!
Published on 26-09-2017

Good day all!

We are pleased to inform the general public that is launching on 30th September, 2017. Kindly note that prospective advertizers and publishers can start posting immediately after the launch.

We hope to give you the best of service.

Thank you!

Earn4post Team

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